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Caroline's Yoga Story DEUTSCH

„Ich liebe was ich tue!" Stretchen und in den eigenen Körper in Balance zu bringen war schon immer mein Ding. Als Kind machte ich Ballett und später war ich auf der Highschool in Amerika eine Cheerleaderin und ging auf verschiedene Wettbewerbe. 2014 entdeckte ich meine Liebe für Yoga als ich durch eine schwere Zeit in meinem Leben ging. Yoga half mir diese dunkle Episode meines Lebens zu überwinden, so dass ich nun mein Leben wieder in vollen Zügen genießen kann.

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Caroline's Yoga Story

Stretching and tuning into the body and breath has always been a great passion of mine. As a kid I used to do ballet and later in High School I was part of the varsity cheerleading squad. In 2014 I discovered my love for yoga when I was going through a rough time. Yoga helped me to overcome this dark episode of my life so I can now enjoy life at its fullest and ultimately live a joyful life filled with love. 

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Reflections 2018

t’s that time of the year again. I guess it’s needless to say that I had so many plans but it all turned out very different. I’ve kinda lost and found myself again. I also lost things and people that previously were important to me and found others who are important to me now. I had gained 10 pounds and lost 15. I had evolved a lot in my physical yoga practice only to fall sick again and being unable to do things anymore that had previously worked so hard on. In fact my illness played a big part in 2018…

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