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15 Essentials to Create a Daily Wellness Routine

My daily wellness routine is what helps me show up as my best self. In fact, whenever I feel like I’m falling off the wagon I try to anchor back into these healthy habits (list below). Wellness for me doesn’t have to be something big, like a SPA weekend. Sure, that’s nice, too, but  for me wellness starts with the little things I can incorporate on daily basis. Moreover I believe this routine is ultimately what is keeping me sane in this fast-paced world we’re living in.

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10 steps to reconnect

It's Christmas time again! Can you believe it? On one side we are all supposed to act all joyful and happy about it but on the other side it just doesn't really seem right. The last couple of weeks I felt stuck like something important was just missing. I even changed up my yoga routine. I still do yoga every day but I wasn't really doing many full body vinyasa flows. I was just flowing intuitively and mainly ended up doing tons of arm balances & inversions to strengthen my core…

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