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7 easy Steps to detox after quitting the Pill

About 4 weeks ago I posted that I stopped taking synthetic hormones because of the severe side-effects that came along with them. Now I might have to note that I didn’t take synthetic hormones for contraceptive measures but because I have a disease, called endometriosis. If you are new here might as well want to check out previous posts on that topic, like ‘my personal endo story’. I am personally not a big fan of any form of meds and would rather heal everything naturally but after my second surgery due to severe endometriosis I felt like I was forced to…

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The YuYu Bottle against Pelvic Pain

If you regularly read my blog or instagram you probably already know my endometriosis story, that I currently went off synthetic hormones and that I’ve had a lot of lower stomach and pelvic pain in the past, especially around my period. Right now I’m in the second half of my luteal phase which means I’ll be on my period soon. The second half of your luteal phase is also the phase when PMS symptoms might occur. These could be mild or severe, just to give you a few examples here; it could be mood swings, headaches/ migraines, holding fluids, swelling of breasts as well as lower stomach pain.  

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