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The Fear of Commitment

I have been self-analyzing myself for the longest time now, constantly trying to improve in some ways or areas of life and trying to find myself, while blogging about life, yoga, women’s health etc. I’ve had this website for over a year now and this is the third time I changed my name. This time it had stick, it should really show my soul in its purest essence. So I ended up changing it into my actual REAL name, which was probably one of the scariest things I have ever done to be honest.

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108 Gratitudes for Thanksgiving

HAPPY BIRD-DAY EVERYONE! For me, Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to show gratitude. When Thanksgiving Day is over, gratitude however is often left on the Thanksgiving table. In order to avoid this "wasted opportunity" and reap the health benefits of gratitude, I would like to share these tips for making gratitude part of your every day life:

1. Make a list of what you typically take for granted. Then think about these “as granted” rather than “for granted.”…

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