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15 Journal Prompts to process negative emotions asap

If you follow me on instagram I probably already know that I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Usually I’ll always put a smile on my face and then the negative emotions eventually fade. This time around, however, this didn’t work anymore (probably because I had unconsciously been suppressing these emotions by putting a smile on in the first place. One of my favorite spiritual teacher Candance van Dell always says “Get real on how you feel to heal.” which is what I am currently doing. And let me tell you IT.IS.HARD! But I’m also already seeing the benefits.

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Reflections 2018

t’s that time of the year again. I guess it’s needless to say that I had so many plans but it all turned out very different. I’ve kinda lost and found myself again. I also lost things and people that previously were important to me and found others who are important to me now. I had gained 10 pounds and lost 15. I had evolved a lot in my physical yoga practice only to fall sick again and being unable to do things anymore that had previously worked so hard on. In fact my illness played a big part in 2018…

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The Fear of Commitment

I have been self-analyzing myself for the longest time now, constantly trying to improve in some ways or areas of life and trying to find myself, while blogging about life, yoga, women’s health etc. I’ve had this website for over a year now and this is the third time I changed my name. This time it had stick, it should really show my soul in its purest essence. So I ended up changing it into my actual REAL name, which was probably one of the scariest things I have ever done to be honest.

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