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I stopped taking Hormones

I don't want to overdo these endo updates on here because I don't want to leave the impression that my life revolves all around my disease as usually that's not that case at all. But there's def been going on a lot in this department for the last couple of weeks. (…) Only to recap what has been going since March: I had to go to the ER again where they discovered another huge cyst on my ovary. They wanted to do an emergency surgery on me right away to which I said NO and thus discharged myself…

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Endo Update & Life Update

Where do I even start? Things are finally falling into place. And I recalled a scene from 2 years ago when my endo was very severe and they had put me on antibiotics (WTF?!). Anyway, during that time I repeated the affirmation "my healing is already in progress" daily. I stopped doing that at some point because I couldn't really a see a progress back then. But now I can finally see the bigger picture, realizing that my healing really was in progress…

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Endo Update: June 10th 2018

The last week I physically felt great while I was struggling mentally. I had issues falling asleep (or sleeping at all for that matter) which ultimately lead to being grumpy and feeling sluggish and fed up with basically everything - for no real reason - everything was just as always ... I started practicing more again, was outside a lot and picked up a copy of my new favorite book, called ’woman code‘. I read to whole book in only 4 short days…

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