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Coffee Friend or Foe?

Looooove me some oat milk coffee. I sometimes even think about it before I go to bed. It honestly sometimes makes me look forward to waking up early in the am, ceasing the day. But there’s some legitimate resources out there claiming that we should all reduce our intake of coffee. And I do agree. However, do we really need to quit all together or is there another way, as in becoming friends with coffee again? I think so! Learn all about my healing relationship with coffee below 💤 

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Health & Fitness Update

I know it’s been super quiet on my blog lately and I apologize for that. I love writing and editing but I just wasn’t in the right headspace and did not know what to say. Many of you know that I was struggling with my health a lot in the past 4 years and had have multiple surgeries done. I also got diagnosed with multiple autoimmune issues which one of them was endometriosis.

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7 easy Steps to detox after quitting the Pill

About 4 weeks ago I posted that I stopped taking synthetic hormones because of the severe side-effects that came along with them. Now I might have to note that I didn’t take synthetic hormones for contraceptive measures but because I have a disease, called endometriosis. If you are new here might as well want to check out previous posts on that topic, like ‘my personal endo story’. I am personally not a big fan of any form of meds and would rather heal everything naturally but after my second surgery due to severe endometriosis I felt like I was forced to…

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