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Endo Nutrition Update

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating whether to share this or not because I was afraid what other yogis might think of me. But then again I thought, wouldn’t really be authentic if I held something back, right? While actually having the intention to create a non-judge-mental community here. Plus I know, I’m not doing this for attention, trying out a new hype or to offend anyone. I am doing this 120% for myself and to live a better and healthier life (this doesn’t have to apply for you)…

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How to get rid of Headaches

This picture shows me last year on my birthday despite the fact that back then my favorite pants still fit I was way off track. Fortunately, there was a lot of concealer involved to hide the dark circles under my eyes to make me look pretty*. Back then I had this crazy headache for literally months that kept me up most of the nights (hence the dark circles). I was really a wreck. As this headache only seemed to get worse I went to see countless physicians who couldn’t help me either…

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We are about to face a mega strong Super Full Moon tonight. This Full Moon appears very close to the earth, intensifying the highlighted energies. This Super Full Moon in Gemini can stronger than ever bring forward the classic Gemini expressions of opposing forces and polarities, that we are daily facing in our inside world as well as in the outer world…

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108 Gratitudes for Thanksgiving

HAPPY BIRD-DAY EVERYONE! For me, Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to show gratitude. When Thanksgiving Day is over, gratitude however is often left on the Thanksgiving table. In order to avoid this "wasted opportunity" and reap the health benefits of gratitude, I would like to share these tips for making gratitude part of your every day life:

1. Make a list of what you typically take for granted. Then think about these “as granted” rather than “for granted.”…

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Q&A Let's Get Personal

Hello Beautiful People! Let me just have a brief moment to express my appreciation for y'all! I want to thank everyone for all of the kind words and messages on my website.  I appreciate it so so much and in fact really wasn’t expecting it at all. Since some have been asking the same questions, I figured some of you who haven’t had time to send me a message might have the same questions for me. So I created a Q&A blog post to fill all the blank spaces….

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No! I'm not pregnant in the left picture, this is endometriosis, I've actually been struggling with since I was a teenager. It got worse and worse and had me gotten quite a few impacts on my health as well as relationships. Throughout the years doctors (even former bosses and people close to me) had always told me everything was fine with me and I was only making things up to get the extra attention (NO KIDDING!)…

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