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My sugar addiction is very real

I have a confession to make. Ever since Christmas I‘ve fallen out of a really good habit. Around the holidays and probably because of the weather and holiday stress I started over-consuming carbs and thus sugar (good sugar, but still). What used to be little treats throughout the week became a daily habit. I hands down have had two gf pretzel sticks for breakfast, two plates of gluten-free pasta with store bought sauce (which also includes sugar), an avocado salad with 2 avos for dinner and gluten-free vegan tripple chocolate brownies as a snack through-out the day.

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CBD Oil & Supplements

A huge side-effect of my constant hormonal imbalances is insomnia. I often have issues falling asleep and getting up early. As my system is most active before going to bed instead of after a good night‘s sleep. That is why I have been testing Nordic Oil’s CBD capsules and oil for a while now. And the differences are so drastic. Ever since taking these supplements I have less issues falling asleep, I wake up with a lot of energy and feel much more on alert throughout the day.

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