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Caroline's Yoga Story DEUTSCH

„Ich liebe was ich tue!" Stretchen und in den eigenen Körper in Balance zu bringen war schon immer mein Ding. Als Kind machte ich Ballett und später war ich auf der Highschool in Amerika eine Cheerleaderin und ging auf verschiedene Wettbewerbe. 2014 entdeckte ich meine Liebe für Yoga als ich durch eine schwere Zeit in meinem Leben ging. Yoga half mir diese dunkle Episode meines Lebens zu überwinden, so dass ich nun mein Leben wieder in vollen Zügen genießen kann.

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My sugar addiction is very real

I have a confession to make. Ever since Christmas I‘ve fallen out of a really good habit. Around the holidays and probably because of the weather and holiday stress I started over-consuming carbs and thus sugar (good sugar, but still). What used to be little treats throughout the week became a daily habit. I hands down have had two gf pretzel sticks for breakfast, two plates of gluten-free pasta with store bought sauce (which also includes sugar), an avocado salad with 2 avos for dinner and gluten-free vegan tripple chocolate brownies as a snack through-out the day.

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Name Change

(…) Yet this does not mean I’m not working as a yoga teacher anymore or won’t ever post pictures of yoga poses again. But I want to go beyond yoga poses from now on! While I was unable to practice at all due to my endo I felt like I kinda lied to everyone on IG doing crazy sweaty vinyasa flows everyday…

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