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Mango Cheesecake

METHOD: Put all the crust ingredients in the blender and mix it all up, you are supposed to end up with some sort of dough. Put it in a baking pan. From here you can go ahead and bake this dough for 10 minutes in a preheated oven or you can just leave it raw. Clean your blender and then put the ingredients for the topping in. You should end up with a cheesecake-looking texture. Pour the topping on top of the crust and put the whole thing in the freezer for a day. Put it out at least 2 hours before you intend to eat this half frozen yumminess of a cheesecake.

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The Power of Reishi Mushrooms

Love me some vegan/ gulten-free chocolate cheesecake and a cuppa reishi mushroom elixir. According towww.consciouslifestylemag.comthe Reishi mushroom has been revered as one of the most sought-after and powerful tonics in the Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacopeia for over 2,000 years...

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Endo Nutrition Update

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating whether to share this or not because I was afraid what other yogis might think of me. But then again I thought, wouldn’t really be authentic if I held something back, right? While actually having the intention to create a non-judge-mental community here. Plus I know, I’m not doing this for attention, trying out a new hype or to offend anyone. I am doing this 120% for myself and to live a better and healthier life (this doesn’t have to apply for you)…

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