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A Note to Feminism

For a couple of weeks I have asked a bunch of people what feminism really means to them. Big words like, opportunity, empowerment, embracing womanhood and sexual freedom came up. However there were also people who said that feminism means that women have to work more and take the first step in the dating world. According to Google dictionary feminism means, “the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes“. For me feminism means 2 things, it means having a voice and a choice!

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Name Change

(…) Yet this does not mean I’m not working as a yoga teacher anymore or won’t ever post pictures of yoga poses again. But I want to go beyond yoga poses from now on! While I was unable to practice at all due to my endo I felt like I kinda lied to everyone on IG doing crazy sweaty vinyasa flows everyday…

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Are you good enough?!

Recently I’ve discovered that I had felt like I was being let down by some of the people closest to me all my life (won’t go much into detail here because I do still care about them). This feeling has started as a kid and has continued to now on. I felt like those people wouldn’t take my side to help me defend myself when I couldn’t. Moreover I felt like they took exactly the opposite side…

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