15 Essentials to Create a Daily Wellness Routine


My daily wellness routine is what helps me show up as my best self. In fact, whenever I feel like I’m falling off the wagon I try to anchor back into these healthy habits (list below). Wellness for me doesn’t have to be something big, like a SPA weekend. Sure, that’s nice, too, but  for me wellness starts with the little things I can incorporate on daily basis. Moreover I believe this routine is ultimately what is keeping me sane in this fast-paced world we’re living in. Especially now that it’s fall and we practically went from 30 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees over night I think a healthy daily wellness regimen is key to survive these darker days to come.


For me personally this is super important right now as this time last year was my big surgery – and I would even go as far as titling this the worst time of my life. Now that it’s fall again, I get reminded of all the tough stuff that went down this time around last year. And frankly I am a bit scared. On the flip side, though, I’m super grateful for all the good things that have happened after the surgery, like getting back on my feet again and writing an eBook to help others balance their hormones naturally. You can get the eBook here. You see, this wellness routine helps me to stay grounded and grateful for the things I do have instead of worrying about things I cannot change in the first place.


And because my wellness routine helps me so immensely to get through my daily struggles (that we all go through, no exceptions) I thought I’d share it with you. Hopefully it’ll help at least one person to create healthier habits. That would literally make my heart sing. So without further ado, let’s get into it…


(1)  Getting up with the sun

Throughout my years in the wellness industry I have noticed that everyone, whom I admire and is successful in his or her field, wakes up early. I’m definitely more of a night owl but I notice a big change in my productivity when getting up early. And you know what day say, “the early bird catches the worm.” ;) Moreover it’s just most natural for our bodies to get up with the sun and prepare for bed as it sets. Going back in time that how it’s always been.

(2)  No phone until after breakfast

I’m not the best at this but I’m trying very hard to get better at it. As I work from home I get countless emails and I notice that it’s not good for my personal wellbeing to check my mails first thing after getting up.

(3)  Oil Pulling & Tough Scraping

I might do a whole blog post on this and its health benefits soon ;) Let’s just say here that I haven’t had the flu or anything ever since incorporating these techniques. And 3 years ago I used to be sick ALL TIME. So, let me tell you, it really does work!

(4)  Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing was a big game changer for me, too. Not only does it exfoliate your skin naturally but it also improves circulation and thus reduces the appearance of cellulite.

(5)  Meditation

I meditate on a daily basis for about 3 years now and for me it’s an amazing practice to quite the mind before the hustle starts. Before that I usually pull 4 cards from my card deck to set and intention for the day and after my meditation I free-journal for a bit, basically just writing down everything that comes to my mind. Sometimes that’s also when I make my to-do lists for the day.  

(6)  Physical Exercise & Yoga

I try to move my body everyday however the movements I do vary from day to day. Sometimes I go for a run and then do hip openers (yoga) right after. Sometimes I do a sweaty vinyasa flow or a hit workout. Sometimes I only practice my handstands and on slower days I do some yin to ground myself down. I also find that moving my body before I eat is the best way to go for me, that way my body isn’t busy digesting as I workout.  


(7)  Healthy Breakfast

Then of course, it’s breakfast time. What I eat for breakfast also varies, some days I’m just hungrier than on others. These days I really enjoy gluten-free and vegan bircher muesli (recipe coming soon) or simply a smoothie bowl or acai bowl - simple as that. I never fill myself up at breakfast because then again I wouldn’t be productive working. Additionally I drink at least 3 liters throughout the day to flush out all the unwanted toxins.

(8)  Work

Yes, I also think working is a healthy habit. Everyone wants to matter and be seen on some level, therefore, we have to work. Finding your dream job can be super fulfilling.

(9)  Lots of small meals throughout the day

 Back when I was in corporate I used to skip lunch a lot because that meant I could leave early, working 8 hour shifts without a break. However, now I know that it’s better for our overall wellbeing to take little breaks throughout the day. Not only will this increase your productivity but also it is better for your health to eat a lot of small portions throughout the day than only having a big junk in the evening. At least, for me having had my only real meal in the evening after working a whole day really messed up my endocrine system which I talk about more in my eBook. In a nutshell we don’t want that to happen to you ;) So get yourself a lunch date!

- Obviously after lunch I resume work –

(10)                Evening Walks in Nature

What can I say? I just love nature and I need this to ground myself down. Being in nature everyday helps me to see the bigger picture and how little we as humans really are. It also helps me to slow down after an eventful day.

(11)                No phone after 9 pm

I’m also not good at this but I started setting myself an alarm to remind myself to put my phone away. Sometimes it even works ;) And I’m trying hard to get better at this. In fact it is a proven fact that the light coming from your phone, computer screen or TV can interfere with your sleeping patterns. In other words you’ll have a much better sleep putting your phone, laptop or any kind of other screen aside at least 2 hours before going to bed. I know that there are these new glasses you can get to block out the blue lights which is supposed to help (also helps throughout the day btw) but I believe it’s still best to minimize screen-time for good. And even after turning off your screens it’s best to use candles and warm lights, e.g. coming from a salt lamp, instead of really bright lights. For an even better good night’s sleep I have my phone in the hallway (not my bedroom) and I also put it on airplane mode for less radiation (unless there’s an emergency, but my inner circle could always still reach me on my house phone). 

(12)                Reishi Elixir

Before going to bed I always have my reishi elixir which is helps you to calm down. Reishi is a medicinal mushroom which is also labeled as the fountain of youth in ancient scriptures.

(13)                L-Thrytophan & 5-HTP

By now you probably have noticed that my wellness routine mostly revolves around healthy sleep patterns and quieting the mind. That’s why I’ve been religiously taking L-Thrytophan and 5-HTP for over half a year now and my sleep patters have improved so much ever since! Both are supplements and are prescription-free. L-Thrytophan aides with the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and 5-HTP increases the production of serotonin (the happy hormone). Disclaimer: I did a blood test and it turned out that my melatonin and serotonin was very low, so I discussed the usage with my doctors. If you need more info on hormones in general I highly recommend for you to check out my eBook.

(14)                Evening meditation

I currently love to do yoga nidra or other guided meditations but the thing is, I would need my phone for that. So sometimes I just lay still in my bed for 10 minutes or so repeating a mantra in my head.

(15)                Essential Oil

 Last but not least I diffuse essential oil. I am currently using a “tranquility blend” but lavender or anything else grounding is just fine as well. I love when my sheets smell of it. It’s the ultimate home wellness moment for me.

That’s it I hope you can take something valuable away from this article to incorporate into your own daily wellness routine. Obviously I have to note that above I described an “ideal day”. Most days I cannot incorporate all of the 15 things above. Sometimes life just gets into the way, meetings happen, or I teach workshops in the evening, or I’m going out with friends (which is also very important for our overall wellbeing). But I think the key is staying flexible to this routine while at the same time always trying to come back to it.