The Infamous Cinnamon Rolls (vegan+gluten-free)


I posted these cinnamon rolls a while ago on my insta stories and it was highly requested ever since from me to post the recipe. I used to always love my grandma’s cinnamon rolls but after being diagnosed with gluten as well as lactose intolerance I could not eat them anymore without feeling super sick and bloated afterwards. The downfall of a gluten and lactose intolerance is that the more you shy away from wheat and dairy the more intolerant you become. But I’m not staying away from gluten and dairy because I want to make a point and to give people a hard time but because of my health. It is also a proven fact that (no matter if you are lactose and gluten intolerant or not) dairy and gluten can cause inflammation in your body. As I have a chronic condition I’m always struggling with inflammation. In a worst case scenario gluten and dairy can cause an endo flare (extreme bloating and lower abdominal pain). If you want to know more about this check my eBook ‘Moon Cycle Sister’.

But without further ado, let’s get into the recipe already ;) It’s actually super simple and really does taste authentic to me (minus the sugar). But of course you can add more sugar if you want to. I don’t want to lose weight or anything but sugar also is another inflammatory food AND I have PCOS which can be reversed by the reduction of sugar in your diet. Also check my eBook for more…








Mix dough ingredients together with clean hands until the dough stops sticking to your hands. (If you used yeast for the dough, let the dough sit for at least 30 minutes). Roll out the dough like you would a round pizza. Make it really flat. Mix the ingredients of the filling together in a bowl with a big spoon and then pour it onto the dough. It should now be all covered with the nut filling. Slowly roll up the dough (see picture 4). Now cut the roll into pieces with the blunt end of knife and put the finished product on a baking sheet. My oven is still broken so I can’t really tell you how long to let them in or on what temperature to bake them because I only have one temperature. But as a small reference I let them in for about 30 mins but regularly kept checking on them.