15 Journal Prompts to process negative emotions asap

If you follow me on instagram I probably already know that I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Usually I’ll always put a smile on my face and then the negative emotions eventually fade. This time around, however, this didn’t work anymore (probably because I had unconsciously been suppressing these emotions by putting a smile on in the first place. One of my favorite spiritual teachers Candance van Dell always says “Get real on how you feel to heal.” which is what I am currently doing. And let me tell you IT.IS.HARD! But I’m also already seeing the benefits. What currently helps me a lot is:


·      Taking 5-HTP supplements to balance my serotonin levels (highly recommend)

·      Going to bed before 10 and sleeping 8-9 hours

·      Meditating 20 min in the morning and evening

·      Daily exercise (running, yoga, HIT,…)

·      Nature walks

·      Talking to friends

·      Journaling down my emotions





In this post I especially want to focus on the journal prompts I created for myself to get back to a place of self-acceptance and self-worth. Even though some people in the wellness industry claim that ignoring our negative emotions all together, I completely disagree. I think that by ignoring and suppressing how we really feel we eventually become an inauthentic shell and our shadow self (Kant; ‘lower self’) gets super, super big which will lead to anxiety, feeling blocked, being unable to manifest good into your life, lashing out, feeling like a victim; ergo low self-worth. We don’t want that. Rather we want to feel empowered, free and at our highest self-worth so that we can master every situation with grace and dignity. Sooo…. In order to get there (which is a never ending process btw) we need to get real on how we feel deep inside.



The questions below will help you to get to the root of your feelings.

(1)        What and who is actually bothering me?

(2)        What emotion is hiding behind feeling angry?

(3)        What emotion is hiding behind feeling jealous?

(4)        Can I track back the first time I felt like this?

(5)        What can I actively do to change this around?

(6)        Are these emotions coming from a place of high or low self-worth?

(7)        How can I step into my high self-worth?

(8)        What do I need to step away from?

(9)        What would actually make me happy right now? (realistic)

(10)   What behaviors are not serving me anymore?

(11)   How can I forgive myself?

(12)   What and whom is not making me happy?

(13)   What do I need to attract more of?

(14)   What are the things I am actually grateful for right now?

(15)   What is next? You haven’t come this far to only come this far? Set your priorities straight & keep your head up!


Tough love my darlings, but I promise being honest with yourself helps to get all the answers and you’ll feel better in no time. And let me know how it goes.