Coffee Friend or Foe?

Looooove me some oat milk coffee. I sometimes even think about it before I go to bed. It honestly sometimes makes me look forward to waking up early in the am, ceasing the day. But there’s some legitimate resources out there claiming that we should all reduce our intake of coffee. And I do agree. However, do we really need to quit all together or is there another way, as in becoming friends with coffee again? I think so! Learn all about my healing relationship with coffee below 💤 

First though I want to recap some of my coffee back story. I used to be a full-blown coffee addict. I probably had 6 espressos throughout the day. Basically I was thriving off that stuff. Then I quit drinking coffee for exactly one year. Ain’t gonna lie, it was brutal quitting coffee cold turkey as I had been sipping that black stuff on a daily basis for more than a decade. I literally had the worst withdrawals, like, headaches, dizziness, being moody,… But I did it! And I was very proud of myself. But the thing is I was at the same time restricting myself from something I really loved. So I started drinking coffee again about a year ago and I don’t feel any side effects. And this is how I do it:


I actually have an infinity sing on my wrist and the middle where both lines meet is meant to be balance. It is needless to say that I truly believe that balance is key in pretty much all areas of life. Same goes for coffee. In the past I used to have 6 cups a day and maybe only one bottle of water which - we all know - IS WAY TOO LITTLE. Right now I am only having one coffee every other day with loads of oat milk in AND I drink 4L of water throughout the day. I am also trying as much as I can to reduce my coffee intake to the days when I workout and then have my coffee as a pre-workout.


In ayurveda it is claimed that whenever you are having too much coffee you are already taking the energy of the next day away today. But if you limit your amount to a minimum a day , have it as sort of a medicine and setting an intention for it, it can actually be beneficial to your health. So whenever I am having a coffee a celebrate it. While drinking it, I usually free journal and set an intention for the whole day. It really makes me feel empowered and good about myself.


I am currently drinking mushroom infused coffee. Don’t worry, these are medicinal mushrooms, not magic mushrooms. And these medicinal mushrooms also help to balance your hormones. On top, you won’t get any jitters from this sort of coffee. I usually only have half a serving a day, which I am mixed with 1/4 a teaspoon of turmeric (to reduce inflammation), 1/2 a teaspoon of ashwagandha (to keep calm), some water (obvi) and loads of gluten-free oat milk. If I feel super fancy I even froth it up with a teaspoon of coconut oil in my blender.

But what about the hormones??

This is a really good point and also one of the reasons I stopped drinking coffee for a year. But turned out the year I did not even have one tiny sip of coffee was meant to be my worst year with hormonal imbalances. Read more about my background story on hormonal imbalances and endometriosis on here. Besides I naturally have too much estrogen in my system and my liver is working overtime to cleanse my body from it and there’s researches out there that coffee can actually help the liver to detoxify. Obviously in terms of hormonal imbalances I would highly recommend for you for reduce the use of coffee but there are by far more substances you should cut out other than coffee. Learn more about this here. In other words you probably won’t be seeing any results by simply cutting out coffee, there’s much more to the madness. And as I said earlier balance is key. That’s also why I am only talking about ‘reducing’ instead of ‘cutting out completely’. I personally believed for a very long time that I had adrenal fatigue and thus should abstain from coffee. Turns out my adrenals and cortisol levels are perfect, I am only suffering from a melatonin as well as serotonin deficiency which isn’t cured by cutting out coffee. So before you start making false assumptions, get your hormone levels tested, read more about this here.


I believe coffee can be either, friend or foe, but it’s up to us whether we choose to let ourselves be controlled by it or simply use it as a treat or even medicine.