20% off - your Cycle Undies


Many of you know that I had been suffering from tremendous lower stomach pain, especially during my period, due to endometriosis. Read more about my personal story with endometriosis here. Fortunately there’s many things you can do to reduce this pain. With or without a chronic condition lower stomach pain can occur in the most uncomfortable moments, brining along sooo much stress.

That is why I have been wearing special period undies for about 6 months now. And trust me when I say, THEY ARE A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! They just look just like regular undies BUT they are super absorbent!!! And other than pads and tampons, they are reusable. So, you are not only doing something good to yourself but also the environment! All you have to do is rinse them in cold water after usage and put them in the washer. I love wearing them at night and during yoga because they make me feel 100% comfortable in my own body, no leaking, no nothing.

Still not convinced? - Did you know that reusable cups can actually worsen lower stomach pain? I could go on and on all day but I think it’s best if you just try for yourself...

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