Health & Fitness Update


I know it’s been super quiet on my blog lately and I apologize for that. I love writing and editing but I just wasn’t in the right headspace and did not know what to say.

Many of you know that I was struggling with my health a lot in the past 4 years and had have multiple surgeries done. I also got diagnosed with multiple autoimmune issues which one of them was endometriosis. Read more about my personal endo story here.

So for about 3 years all my thoughts and energy revolved around endometriosis and how I could find a way to live with it. I went to every specialist and in my free time I read medical books on hormonal health and researching everything I could find on the Internet. I was obsessed with getting better and healthier and I think that was also one of the key ingredients that kept me stuck for such a long time.

I am symptom-free now for almost 10 months and I started picking up my life again where I left it, rejoicing into activities that are actually fun and not focusing on the lack or what I don’t have anymore. In fact, I sort of lost my interest in sharing my losses or my research because I merely focusing on my wins and do not do any research on the topic anymore.

I am doing SUPER-WELL and I probably haven’t felt this good in my own body for over 15 years (I am not even exaggerating here). I am tremendously grateful for being where I am now in life because last year I honestly wasn’t so sure I would make it. Yet, this isn’t a coincidence that I’m feeling this fit and healthy again. I commit to it every single day because that’s the version of myself that I want to be. And I’ve been trying my hardest to come to this point where I am now.

But frankly, I am sometimes afraid that I can jinx it talking about it out load. My body is healed but my brain still needs a minute to digest everything that has happened in those last 4 years of my health-crisis. So for a couple of months I chose not to talk about it at all! And it really helped to shift my focus to the present moment.

However now I feel like I don’t want to ignore my past anymore because it made to what I am today. Thus, I made the decision to share my health protocol, on supercharging your cycle and reducing menstrual pain, with YOU.

I haven’t released the launch date on any other platform yet. So you ‘ll be the first to know!

My eBook Moon Cycle Sister will be launching on Monday, July 1st 2019 and will be available on my website.

 And I am planning to do a special discount for my blogging and insta tribe. To make sure you don’t miss out on your discount code, leave your email address in the comments or email me at

Until then sending you lots of love!