Caroline's Endo Story


Ever since my first period I’ve experienced lower stomach pain and heavy bleeding. So my gynecologist prescribed me the pill very early on. Even though I was on birth control for almost 10 years I still had awful period pain and my body started holding fluids. When I was 23 I decided to get a chopper IUD. After a year of trying very hard to make the IDU work I had it removed because the pain was just too bad. I thought the pain then would just magically fade but it didn’t. And nobody could really tell me why. Most people thought I was a drama girl, that I was only making things up to get attention or that I was just plain lazy.


The pain sometimes was so bad I literally had to crawl to the ER. But they never found anything. Eventually even the people closest to me stopped believing that my pain was actually real and thought I had gone a little mad. Finally though, my pain had gotten to a whole new level and I decided to get a second opinion. This new gynecologist then discovered that I had a 6 cm cyst on my left ovary. I had a laparoscopy right away. They removed the cyst and told me that it wasn’t just a normal cyst but an endometriosis cyst. (Endometriosis cysts are filled with dark blood and they don’t usually grow smaller all by themselves). That is when I started doing my own research on the topic to best support my health.


Past forward another year, the lower stomach pain was back! We are still to this date unsure why it came back this fast, vicious and even more invasive than the year before. We can only speculate here. What doctors told me is that the first wasn’t done properly within a specialized endometriosis clinic. See, at an endo clinic they have all the cutting edge and specialized doctors with the latest technology. It is inevitable that those surgeons will perform a better job than your regular healthcare provider. So one night in fall 2018 I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. My cyst was then as big as a grapefruit. I ended up having another emergency surgery. They successfully removed the cyst and cut out all the other endometriosis lining that was all over my female organs and my intestines. I stayed in the hospital for 4 nights and felt like everyone there took good care of me.


Now my second surgery is already 7 months ago and I haven’t had a relapse yet. I am not completely pain-free, I still occasionally during my period but this sort of pain is manageable and does not interfere with my daily life anymore. I also go and see my gynecologist and naturopath on a regular basis and practice self healing through yoga. I consider myself very lucky to feel the way I feel now!


I think I could fill 1000 pages and more on that topic. Maybe one day I will… But for now I’m trying to keep it brief. Above I merely wanted to give a summary of all the past events. Moreover, I am by no means a physician or gynecologist and I feel like endometriosis manifests itself very individually in different bodies. In fact, it’s also considered to be the chameleon of gynecology. I am no poster kid! I am neither an advocate for, nor against the pill. I won’t be telling anyone that my way of doing things is the only way to go. Yet I am firm believer that a positive mindset is key! Practice gratitude and you’ll know the difference… If you have any general questions, though, please check my FAQs or send an email my way at