Spring Equinox X Super Full Moon


Happy Spring Equinox & Super Full Moon in Libra & Happy Astrological New Year  ♎️ 🌕💫

This is you monthly fix of full moon magic! Of course every full moon is powerful but this one is gonna EPIC, so make sure to put your seatbelts on...

Spring equinox falls together with the ancient German fest the honor the goddess Ostara, which was later turned into the word Easter. The goddess Ostara was always connected with rabbits and eggs because they are supposed to be symbols for fertility, in fact she gives the greatest gift of all, LIFE. You can call me woowoo as long as you want but that’s where the tradition of decorating our houses with rabbit figures, feathers and eggs today. The fest honoring Ostara is also the first day of spring. It’s time for REGROWTH, new intentions and new ideas. Ask yourself: What ideas are you planting as we shift into spring? What can you release that is longer needed? (also a good time for spring cleaning)

This super full moon is the last super moon for this year. This particular full moon is also called ‘Worm Moon’ which comes from the season because now it’s time for the ground to soften and for the worms to wiggle their ways about.

Keep in mind that mercury however is still retrograde so you might still feel a bit stuck for the next 2 weeks. For me personally a lot of unexpected triggers have come up in the last couple of weeks and things really aren’t going as smooth as usual. In other words it feels like someone or something just keeps throwing metaphorical rocks at me. But I know these triggers are only opportunities for me to grow from. If you are feeling the same, ask yourself (maybe in meditation) what you can learn from your triggers. Is there something that needs to be healed?

If you want to create an altar, it could include amethyst crystals, eggs, feathers, flowers and seeds.