7 easy Steps to detox after quitting the Pill


About 4 weeks ago I posted that I stopped taking synthetic hormones because of the severe side-effects that came along with them. Now I might have to note that I didn’t take synthetic hormones for contraceptive measures but because I have a disease, called endometriosis. If you are new here might as well want to check out previous posts on that topic, like ‘my personal endo story’.

I am personally not a big fan of any form of meds and would rather heal everything naturally but after my second surgery due to severe endometriosis I felt like I was forced to do what almost everyone in this field recommended to, despite the fact that I hadn’t done well with birth control in the past.

So from November to December I took 0,30 milligrams of a sort of synthetic progesterone, called dienogest, and from December to February I even doubled the dose  (I also have to note that I free-willingly took this, so nobody is to blame here). But I didn’t do well with it. Only to recap a few points from my post last month :

• I was bleeding black blood November through February straight

• Due to the bleeding I lost a lot of weight

• Due to the bleeding I also felt fatigued 99% of the time

• I was suffering from bad insomnia

• I had heat flashes at night and was sweating a lot throughout the day

• Despite the fact that I felt tired all the time, my heart started racing even from climbing the stairs

• My left arm, fingers, toes and heels sometimes went numb

• I was suffering from bad anxiety attacks that went as far as I thought I literally was dying and thus also was sometimes afraid to fall asleep and never wake up again

• My thyroid and throat were swollen and I had a hard time swallowing food and drinks

• And I just looked very dull, used, had dark circles under my eyes and was unable to go about my daily life, let alone do any exercise


In these 4 short months I managed to mess up my whole endocrine system pretty bad! Now after only 5 weeks after quitting ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS ARE GONE!!!! In fact, after only a couple of days I could feel my fingers again and the bleeding stopped.


Now I’m not saying that quitting synthetic hormones is a piece of cake, especially not if you have taken it over a decade. And I did not do my detox on my own, both my gynecologist and my naturopath were informed. I did recover very quickly but the first couple of days were rough; I had really bad migraines and felt extremely dizzy and nauseous as is the world was spinning like a roller coaster. But, as I said, these symptoms subsided really quickly. I also used the following measures to help my body heal:



(1) Sticking to a plant-based, sugar-free, caffeine-free, alcohol free diet

(2) Doing a detox yoga program (AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC SOON)

(3) Getting IV drips and acupuncture done regularly

(4) Sleeping at least 7 hours per night

(5) Meditation twice a day

(6) Spending time outside

(7) Taking select supplement to support my body’s functions (AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC SOON)

Moon Cycle Sister

An eBook on treating endometriosis naturally


Even though the side effects from these synthetic hormones I took are al gone now, I’m still not entirely there yet. As to all good things take time, I also want to give my body the time to heal. Fortunately, though, I was still lucky enough to get on my period this week which is a huge success for me. The last couple of weeks I read so many horror stories of women not getting their period back after quitting birth control and thus eventually developing cysts and all sorts of hormonal imbalances. So I was more than happy that this wasn’t the case for me and that I am not experiencing any pain or drastic body changes after not having had a proper period since September last year*. As always I will keep you posted on my healing journey… If you have anything to add to this article or any questions please comment below or send me an email at hello@carolinestanienda.com

So long, enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon!

* The bleeding while taking synthetic hormones doesn’t count because it's not an actual menstruation. When you take birth control regularly you don’t ovulate and vice versa don’t menstruate either.