No More to Synthetic Hormones


About a week ago, I finally said NO MORE! No more synthetic hormones in my body. I started sharing about my current hormonal issues a couple week ago on IG stories I think. I know that it might sometimes be hard to grasp for other people so questions like,“but I thought you said you were fine?“ will always come because it gets tiring to talk about diseases all the time so not talking about it sometimes for me feels like escaping into another and better world.

Sure I do struggle less than last year but the struggle is still there. Even though I don’t have cysts or big endo lining on my stomach anymore doesn’t mean I’m healed. I am still estrogen dominant and for that they put me on a synthetic progesterone to level up with my estrogen. This is an option for quite a lot of people but there’s also other endo patients whose receptors to process this synthetic progesterone aren’t working properly so you’re body gets into this very confused state, which fyi was the case for me.

Ever since starting my first dose of hormones my body was crazy confused. I remember being in London and being a total pain in the butt to my friend Louise because I had to go to the bathroom every freaking hour. Now that’s almost 3 months ago already and I’ve been bleeding pretty much everyday since. Sure sometimes there is an occasional break when I am able to do a proper yoga practice (but very rarely still) - NOTE that like others I tend to show my best on social media not to fool anyone but because it helps me get better and makes me happy. But the poses you see me doing on social media currently in real life only happen once a week if at all.

Characteristically I’m just not a quitter and notice that I sometimes keep pushing and pushing things that are just not meant to happen for me while forgetting to ask myself if it actually makes me feel good, e.g. having had a career I never enjoyed. Fair enough I wanted to give those synthetic hormones a chance and take them with an open mind. But in the end I had to admit to myself that they weren’t making me feel good and they wouldn’t make me feel good in the near future either because my body just doesn’t know what to do with this excess synthetic progesterone.

I had to remember that I as an adult now have a choice. But even my mother who is usually super sceptic with my natural healing regimen and rather likes to throw pills at problems, said that she was scared for me.
For you to better understand, the constant bleeding wasn’t the only problem. But as a result of the bleeding was that I felt very weak all the time. As I said before I was also too weak to practice a strong yoga flow most days, was immediately out of breath while hiking and had to sleep 14 hours to actually feel ok-ish the next day, while at the same time battling sleeping problems. In fact, according to several studies synthetic progesterone can trigger insomnia, anxiety and even depressions.


I did sometimes have to cry without any real reason for days and I was so scared all the time. I just didn’t feel myself. Then came the heat flashes at night starting at 11 pm sharp every night. And eventually some fingers on my left hand and both of my feet went kind of numb and started tingling so I sometimes was unable to type with my keyboard on my laptop. What I found out later is that this could be linked to a thyroid deficiency.
These symptoms just aren’t normal for a almost 28 year old women - or anyone I’d say. So I took the plunge being a bit scared what might happen to me in the future. But I just intuitively knew that this wasn’t the right fit for me. It was only making me more miserable! Now I feel much more like myself again already and the anxiety is all gone!
A lot of people ask me if I can give them the legitimation to quit their endo meds. I can’t give you that and I WILL NEVER advice you to do so I am just sharing my personal story here on how I handle things!


Also note that I am not going into this alone or blind-folded! I am still getting monitored and doing a lot of checkups and taking the right supplements to help my body detox. I also serendipitously came across a book which I finished reading in one day only. So I am currently and mostly following this Protocol now to heal my estrogen dominance. Obviously you need to give everything a bit of time to reap what you saw but I already notice a big change after starting to take ashwaganda supplements to help me stay calm in stressful moments.


If you have any questions on this feel free to shoot me an email (no dms please - my dms are like the Bermuda Triangle - you’d get lost and never found in there). But again I cannot advice you to stop taking your meds this is something you will need to discuss with you physician/ practitioner/ doctor/ gynecologist,... Or make the choice yourself for yourself because ultimately nobody can force you to do or take anything but also know that you then are alone responsible for the outcome.


If you kept reading this far, I just quickly wanted to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. And as a form of appreciation I want YOU to be one of the first to know that I will finally publish something this year about all of the things above in detail and how you can apply certain things to your own daily routine! Stay tuned xoxo