My sugar addiction is very real


I have a confession to make. Ever since Christmas I‘ve fallen out of a really good habit. Around the holidays and probably because of the weather and holiday stress I started over-consuming carbs and thus sugar (good sugar, but still). What used to be little treats throughout the week became a daily habit. I hands down have had two gf pretzel sticks for breakfast, two plates of gluten-free pasta with store bought sauce (which also includes sugar), an avocado salad with 2 avos for dinner and gluten-free vegan tripple chocolate brownies as a snack through-out the day. And on top of that I sometimes treated myself  a chocolate bar in bed 🙈 WHILE not working out or even going for a walk because it was just too freezing.

Now, I must say I haven’t gained any weight but what used to be muscles is now a chubby something and I don’t feel as good in my own skin anymore. I used to eat like this all the time when I was a kid (while being far from over-weight) but doctors argue that the over-consumption of sugar and too little exercise can make my disease worse, as too much sugar somehow leads to more estrogen and an estrogen dominance triggers endometriosis.

Moreover according to Louise Hay all diseases are psychosomatic. She said that among other things endometriosis stems from confusion self-love with sugar. And I must say that’s partly true for me. I’ve been working on this throughout the years though. But I feel like every winter I fall back into this bad habit of indulging in sugar to treat myself because there’s nothing else to do instead of watching netflix, and ending up paying the price for that for the rest of the year. This doesn’t really sound healthy.

For the future I really intend to move to a warmer climate zone because I think this would be very beneficial for my overall health. But I started questioning myself what I could do until I can realize this dream of mine... I came up with the following conclusions:

- I will set more money aside for vacations in winter instead of summer

- I will be more conscious about what I eat throughout the day

- I will make exercise a non-negotiable even if I don’t feel like it

- I will take more walks outside even though it’s cold AF to get my body moving

- I will post more on this topic to holding myself accountable

- I will buy less sugary stuff when grocery shopping and more greens

- I will make an appointment to go see an endocrinologist

- I will replace chocolate intake with frozen mejool dates*

Tell more, what are you currently struggling with?

* is it just me do I really sound like Bridget Jones today? Ahhh I don’t wanna become a spinster!