I stopped taking Hormones


I don't want to overdo these endo updates on here because I don't want to leave the impression that my life revolves all around my disease as usually that's not that case at all. But there's def been going on a lot in this department for the last couple of weeks. 


Only to recap what has been going since March: I had to go to the ER again where they discovered another huge cyst on my ovary. They wanted to do an emergency surgery on me right away to which I said NO and thus discharged myself. In fact, they weren't so happy I was leaving so they told me that there was a high risk of internal bleeding so I shouldn't move as much (which turned out later was a big mistake. Ever since I was on synthetic hormones (progesterone) which was supposed to help with the pain and reduce the size of the cyst. I really tried to put as much energy as I had into my healing. But the cyst didn't go away and the medications had very heavy side effect, like, bleeding black clots, hair-loss, terrible mood swings, migraines, stagnant metabolism, adrenal fatigue, gaining weight... to only name a few. Due to all of these symptoms I had a really rough time keeping up my pace in my daily life. And frankly, it got to a point where I wasn't living my life anymore like a normal girl in her 20s would. My private life crashed, my professional life exhausted me way too much and I couldn't work out as much as I wanted due to adrenal fatigue and being scared to overdoing some exercises and ending back in the hospital with internal bleeding. I found myself right in the middle of a vicious cycle. And it kept building up onto a point where I just couldn't go anymore. 

As a matter of fact, I haven't been experiencing much endo pain anymore (only twice a months) for 1 1/2 years now. So even though I got diagnosed with stage 4 endo I was living pain-free for the most part. But I felt the side effects of my medication everyday of the week. I realized that these medications were only making everything worse. I was soooo mad at the beginning of this week that even though I had tried everything in my power to get better I only got worse due to these synthetic hormones. 


About the same time I just listened to a podcast from Dr. Cat about minerals and what part they play in our endocrine system (listen to the podcast here). In the podcasts they also talked about the effects that copper IUDs have on the body. They said that when "wearing" a copper IDU longterm your estrogen levels will simultaneously go up which is very bad for people with endo and other women suffering from excess estrogen. The excess estrogen will then again lead to a very low sex drive and becoming extremely moody or even BIPOLAR (WTF?). And these symptoms are all umbrellaed and known as copper toxicity. It got me curious because I had a copper IUD in for years. So I did some research on this myself. Turns out they were perfectly right about this topic in the podcast. That's when I realized that before I had the IDU in I had never ever had a pain attack so bad I had to be brought to the emergency room. It all started with the IDU. And I wondered why doctors hadn't done more check-ups before hand and educated me about the risk of getting a copper IUD. I really thought back then I was helping my body choosing a hormone-free contraceptive method. So this week I got my blood checked if I still have a copper toxicity and if that is the reason why my estrogen levels refuse to go down.


The same night I found out about the copper toxicity the side effects on taking very high doses of progesterone (= hormones) had reached its peek. I was up all night and couldn't sleep AT ALL. My whole body was feeling numb and I felt so helpless. I realized this is not how I want to spend the rest of my life. The next day I went to my naturopath. She told me to immediately stop taking my endo meds. And I got some energy healing and an acupuncture done. And I tell you what, all the symptoms have disappeared EVER SINCE. We're trying to now take a more natural approach to cure my endo. I have hope again. Even though I haven't been taking my endo meds for a week now I haven't had any pain attack. I am feeling more myself again. I am happy again which I honestly hadn't been since March. Right now, I am just waiting for my blood work to come back from the lab and then I will get some natural and homeopathic meds that do not include tremendous side effects.


This doesn't mean though I am cured now. But I'm a functioning human being at last. My private life is getting better, I have more energy for my job and I can work out again daily. My estrogen levels are still really high though which is why I have gained around 10 pounds this year (mostly on my thighs). People don't really see it because I put a lot of effort in hiding it. Truth is though, despite the fact that I am eating every healthy and living a quite active life my pants don't fit me anymore AT ALL.  I'm not a superficial person but I feel like talking about weight is still somewhat of a taboo especially for women. It's not even that I care so much what others think, I just don't like seeing myself like that. My thigh gap is just GONE and the excess weight really bothers me. For instance, when running or walking long distances my thighs touch and rub against each another which is also a bit painful tbh. So I thought back of a time when I didn't experience any endo pain and I still fit my pants. I wanted to know what I am doing differently now than I was doing back then. The first thing that came up was that I was less stressed-out back then (stress, in fact, can increase the level of estrogen) AND I was working out more and thus was more content and confident with life. I looked it up and statistics proof that when working out more your metabolism works on whole other level and thus the excess estrogen gets flushed out more efficiently. Turns out that when the doctors told me to take it slow with exercising, it actually only made things worse for me.

This in conclusion, this means that I am NOW focusing on detoxifying from that excess estrogen to simultaneously lessen my endo pain and hinder the endo to spread. As I am a perfectionist through and through I've already made a plan how to achieve that which will def be the topic of another blog post if not two. I am so excited already to share more...And who knows? Maybe one day I will fit my favorite pants again. However, this is not one of my goals. I understand that due to my active lifestyle I've also built up a lot of muscles which is great. In fact, I will always choose healthy, athletic & happy over very skinny, tired & unhappy (which I used to be about 70% of the time when my pants still fit).


If you have any questions about the endocrine system, IUDs, copper IUDs, excess estrogen and what not, please don't hesitate to ask me for help. OR if you are on the pill (or some hormones) and you want to get off it, too. This link will lead you to a video that might be helpful. (I want to state here that right when I started hormone therapy in March again I was taking several supplements to detoxify my organs. Plus I have been cycle syncing with my FLOW APP.) If you need further info on either of those topics I'll be happy to help <3