Endo Update: June 10th 2018


The last week I physically felt great while I was struggling mentally. I had issues falling asleep (or sleeping at all for that matter) which ultimately lead to being grumpy and feeling sluggish and fed up with basically everything - for no real reason - everything was just as always ... I started practicing more again, was outside a lot and picked up a copy of my new favorite book, called ’woman code‘. I read to whole book in only 4 short days. And I cannot recommend it enough to women who are suffering from pms to women who are having serious problems with their endocrine system and everyone in between.


Most importantly, I’ve learned for myself that my paleo-ish diet is good to get rid of all the extra estrogen in my body. Yet, it is not enough to cure me for good. As I am diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, according to the book, it’s supposed to be very beneficial to take certain supplements AND TO REDUCE STRESS. Honestly, I was actually never before connecting my level of stress to my endocrine system. But the more I got conscious about how much stress is manifesting itself in my life right now, the more stressed-out I became. So right now I’m just working really hard on reducing that stress. Which means for me to say NO to everything that is not a HELL YES (which is so hard for me because I’ve always been a people pleaser), using my time more wisely, spending a lot of time alone in nature, surrounding myself with people that lift me up and inspire me and - of course - less social media. A few days in, I can already feel a positive shift happening. And even though, I’m taking off more time for myself, I still get much more work done and I’m overall feeling full and happy again. In a nutshell, ENDOMETRIOSIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!