The Biggest Mistake


My aim is not to be perfect but to be real and authentic. I’ve unintentionally made tons of mistakes in the past. Though, I can’t travel back in time to change the past. And even if I couldn’t I probably wouldn’t because the sum total of all these mistakes made me to the person I am today. For the future I can only learn & grow from the mistakes I made (and make) along the way as the more mistakes I had made the more they taught me about myself.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes I had ever made was getting my eye brows mircobladed 5 years ago (when you know, you know and still see some red lines shimmering through my natural eyebrows). Thinking back it was just plane stupid and I only did it because I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough and needed thicker eyebrows. I could have just let my eyebrows grow but honestly I wasn’t thinking this far. Everything felt so URGENT back then. The brown lines faded within 6 months and I got stuck with red ones instead - freaking tattooed on my face 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I tried everything: gels, acid peelings, enzyme peelings, tattoo laser removals, tattooing over it with a natural skin tone... but nothing seemed to help. This made me learn the hard way to accept myself though - even with red eyebrows - because that’s not what defines me. And as the years passed by and my focus shifted to what is really important in life, the redness has faded out a lot.

However, I am generally not against plastic surgery or beauty augmentation but my advice is maybe to think twice what the intentions behind them are. For me I know it wasn’t because I wanted to enhance my own beauty but trying to become someone else so I wouldn’t have to see myself looking back at me in the mirror anymore. • Now I am happy with the way I look. But it took me yeeeearsss to get there. If you are experiencing similar things like I did - not liking oneself, thoughts of not being enough - email me or comment below ❤️