Endo Update - April 2018


This time last week I was in the hospital again as my endometriosis pain had just gotten to unbearable. In The hospital they told me that there’s no way around another surgery on my belly (even though my last surgery hasn’t even been a year ago & it’s only been the last 5 months that I had fully been recovered). After one of the probably most horrible nights of my entire life, I discharged myself from the hospital over the easter weekend. They told me though that there’s a high risk of internal bleeding so I wasn’t allowed to move much or do yoga for that matter. Especially advanced poses or inversions are a total no-go for God knows how long.

Yesterday I went to my preferred clinic (my doctor was on easter break last week) and there they told me that even though the endo is back they won’t do another surgery on me again anytime soon as this would cause even more scaring tissue than I already have. They want me to get back on my medication though to fight the endo some more and so that I’ll be able to live my life without having to go to the ER ever so often. Positive thinking, exercise and a healthy diet alone didn’t cure this disease for me because of the high stage of endo I’m having... but I tired. For now I’m just glad I don’t necessarily need another surgery right away. However I won’t still be able to get back at my handstand (inversion) practice any time soon & I won’t be able to teach vinyasa flow for at least one month... this sucks but I guess it could have been worse, right? Last but not least I’m so grateful for all the love I have received from near & far! This meant the world to me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🌸