Are you good enough?!


Recently I’ve discovered that I had felt like I was being let down by some of the people closest to me all my life (won’t go much into detail here because I do still care about them). This feeling has started as a kid and has continued to now on. I felt like those people wouldn’t take my side to help me defend myself when I couldn’t. Moreover I felt like they took exactly the opposite side.

This made me feel like I wasn’t worth of anyone’s support, like I wasn’t good enough for anyone or anything. In fact my self-worth decreased immensely while I couldn’t see that the reason for me hitting rock bottom over and over again had nothing to do with me as a person but rather with the other person’s low self-esteem, probably thinking, it wouldn’t hurt me as much anyway because they wouldn’t matter to me. However, they did matter and it hurt a lot!

In other words, whenever someone screwed me over, me as an perfectionist, I would go and think in what area I wasn’t good enough for them or needed improvement and doubted my self-worth big time. While I could’ve actually thought in what areas the others felt like they weren’t good enough for me which eventually brought them to hurting me along the way.

Think about it... do you have an area in your life you don’t believe in your own worth? - Yes?! And why is that? Why do you feel like you’re not good enough? Even if nobody has told you today, I will... YOUR ARE GOOD ENOUGH!


Maybe sit quiet for about 10 minutes this evening pondering the questions above in your head. And journal about your thoughts right after. Sometimes we are unable to listen to our emotions because we get so over-stimulated by the outside (exterior). Yet me as a yoga teacher, I think it’s very beneficial to check in with yourself on a daily basis to experience how some things make us feel on a deeper level. Why not give yourself the most precious gift of all today? I am talking about time? Why not spend some time on yourself today when nothing else really matters... You are good enough to deserve some time off for yourself whenever you want!