Endo Nutrition Update


Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating whether to share this or not because I was afraid what other yogis might think of me. But then again I thought, wouldn’t really be authentic if I held something back, right? While actually having the intention to create a non-judge-mental community here. Plus I know, I’m not doing this for attention, trying out a new hype or to offend anyone. I am doing this 120% for myself and to live a better and healthier life (this doesn’t have to apply for you). So here it comes, I’ve completely changed my diet over the past few weeks from vegan to paleo (or paleo-ish). I still don’t do eggs or dairy BUT I eat meat again. I’ve done a lot of research after I got back from the hospital where I had to stay after an endo pain attack. They told me that I would need another surgery but I discharged myself and did some research on how I could help myself not having to go back there (still not out of the woods btw). So 4 weeks ago I stumbled upon @endonutrition on insta. I didn’t do her detox plan per se, as I can’t have much fruit due to my fructose intolerance, but I got some great inspo & ideas for recipes out of her ebook. Though, I did cut out all grains and unnatural sweeteners for over three weeks now. And I feel so much more energized and my skin has cleared up so much. As I do not own a scale, I’m not sure if I have lost any weight but I def feel less bloated and am less in pain than before! Yet I can only speak for myself. For some this might not work at all due to some other diseases or food intolerances. If you do suffer from endo though I would highly recommend to give this program a try! For me, if I’d known earlier that grains and sugar only support the symptoms of endo, I would have cut them out years ago. Now I need to accept what is but maybe I can help somebody else with this post who has just discovered her endo. NOTE: I really hope I didn’t offend any other yogis with this post. I can only ask you to see beyond the surface why I chose this new path for myself. Thank you for bearing with me 💜