How to get rid of Headaches


This picture shows me last year on my birthday despite the fact that back then my favorite pants still fit I was way off track. Fortunately, there was a lot of concealer involved to hide the dark circles under my eyes to make me look pretty*. Back then I had this crazy headache for literally months that kept me up most of the nights (hence the dark circles). I was really a wreck. As this headache only seemed to get worse I went to see countless physicians who couldn’t help me either. But I got so scared of having a tumor or something because there’s been some cases in my family history before that I kind of insisted on a brain scan where again they didn’t find anything. It got me so mad though because I knew my symptoms were real and that I wasn’t pretending. So one doctor in the ER gave me my first ever essential oil (peppermint oil) to rub on the parts that hurt the most. Other than all the other physicians he was very understanding and said that this headache is not at all invented and caused by major stress. He said there’s nothing he could subscribe me except strong antidepressants which he personally wouldn’t recommend because he wouldn't consider me depressed for that matter. He claimed that if I wanted to get better I needed to find ways and tools for myself to unwind. I was already practicing yoga for 3 years at that time but that’s when I started really focusing on my meditation and savasana. Not saying though the headache just vanished after a week, it wasn’t even gone after months. But I had this deep knowing that if I kept going with the meditation & savasana I would get better again. When I started really extending my savasana to 15 minutes I remember laying there all stressed out and feeling like someone was tattooing my head on the same spot over and over again. Then came my surgery which didn’t exactly help the headache either. 4 weeks later I had to write my final exam which I completely failed. Then I went on vacation in August and that was about the first time of the year 2017 when I was headache free for a week. Right now I still don’t take anything stronger than essential oil and of course I meditate 40 minutes a day but sometimes the headache still comes creeping back in, most of the time it’s when I’m completely stressed out out or when I’m judging others or myself. I only most recently learned from Gabby Bernstein’s book that judgement can cause pain. She said that you could only overcome this judgment by developing compassion for the person or thing that is being judged by you. For instance, this one time I was teaching yoga and at the end of the class a person kept calling me serval times & I declined the call every single time because it was messing with the speaker/ bluetooth thingy, but this person was very resistant. So again my headache came back when I started thinking to myself “WTF is [this person] thinking I’m teaching a freaking yoga class. I wanna leave a good impression and can’t be bothered right now.” When actually I could have just showed this person compassion because maybe he/ she didn’t know I was teaching that time of day and wasn’t trying to disturb. Moreover after one annoying call I could have put my phone on airplane mode and the whole problem would have been solved. 

What I’m trying to show you here is that there’s always a solution to the problem before the whole thing escalates, or the shit hitting the fan and you get stuck with a headache or pain for that matter. This solution might not always be the most convenient though from an outside point of view yet it worthwhile leaving you headache-/ pain-free FOR GOOD.

In conclusion it’s always easy to just take a pain killer when pain occurs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the pain killer police. I’ve been there, too, but when you notice yourself taking advil or ibuprofen like tic tac you might need to start asking yourself what could possibly be causing all of this pain in the first place.  PLEASE GET YOURSELF CHECKED! If the physicians don’t find anything though your pain is probably psychosomatic (which doesn’t make it any better or worse btw - it’s still real pain and hurts like a b....h). The next step would be maybe searching for answers within yourself. You could ask yourself, for instance; “What is bothering me so much in my life right now?”. Yet, if it’s hard for you to tune into yourself just like that maybe book a yoga or meditation class to properly learn how to tune in and calm your thoughts so that you’ll eventually be pain free. I also recommend you reading the book “The Universe has your Back” by Gabby Bernstein and “Heal your Life” by Louise Hay. Additionally, if you would like to buy essential oils through me to enhance your healing process contact me at

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I wish you all the best!



* I’m not saying this to offend anyone in any way. I know I still look pretty in this picture. I’m just trying to show you that looks literally do fool. I was very ugly and miserable on the inside. I know though that this is only my perception and that there’s more urgent problems in the world that we all need to solve together while at the same time still not belittling our very own problems, aches, pain or suffering.