The Power of Reishi Mushrooms


Love me some vegan/ gulten-free chocolate cheesecake and a cuppa reishi mushroom elixir.

According towww.consciouslifestylemag.comthe Reishi mushroom has been revered as one of the most sought-after and powerful tonics in the Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacopeia for over 2,000 years.

While Reishi was recognized as being particularly beneficial for the sick and ill in ancient Chinese medical texts, it was perhaps better known as belonging to a special class of medicines known as ‘tonic herbs’. These are substances considered so foundational and important to overallhealth, vitality, and quality of life that they are encouraged to be taken daily for their numerous benefits, sick or not.

While this is a claim that cannot directly be verified by science, Reishi has consistently demonstrated the ability to profoundly relax the nervous system, calm the mind and induce a state of relaxed focus, for which it has long been valued by spiritual seekers, meditators and those looking to relieve the stresses of daily life.

Reishi mushrooms, like mostadaptogenic herbs, also support and balance the endocrine and hormonal systems in the body. Hormones are the ‘molecules of consciousness’—powerful biopeptides that control mood, perception, sleep-wake cycles, bonding and connection and our awareness of reality. Reishi’s effects on the hormonal system is legendary. Its gentle yet powerful, working to balance the body’s many glands and organs steadily overtime, which makes it ideal for daily use.

Reishi mushrooms also strengthen the liver, which aids in the detoxification of harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body and can help greatly with allergies be it to foods or environmental pollens and pollutants. In Chinese Medicine, the liver is also responsible in large part for our mood and so taking a quality Reishi supplement daily also helps to promote a positive outlook and reduce depression and anger, which are emotions associated with the liver in TCM theory.


You see I just had to try it out myself! So 3 weeks ago I started taking a reishi supplement without even expecting any terrific change. I just wanted to give it a try as I heard it could help balance out my hormones, something I always struggle with thanks to endometriosis. In fact I didn’t consciously keep track on what was changing around me until people started telling me that I seemed so much lighter and generally in a better mood. I did notice that I felt more stable but just didn’t make to connection to the reishi supplement at first because I was only taking it for hormonal benefits.

It wasn’t until now that I can see that reishi mushrooms do not only balance out my hormones but also brighten up my mood without any side-effects AT ALL, which then lead me to also test out a reishi mushroom elixir before going to bed to promote my sleep.

I originally planned on doing a 2-week self-test but it was very clear already after my first use that this reishi elixir was a TOTAL GAME-CHANGER!!!!! Ever since my surgery I’ve had issues getting back into routine – like, going to bed early, waking up early and getting sh*t done… Frankly I got used to staying up till 11.30 pm (which is very late for me because I naturally need a lot of sleep). My goal with this elixir was to at least make it to bed at 10.30 pm, as in one hour earlier. So the first evening I had my elixir at 8 pm. I wasn’t expecting much for the first evening to be honest so it really took me by surprise that I was fast asleep by 9.30!!!! PLUS not only does this elixir work magic BUT it also resembles the taste of coffee. And if you know me I’m soooo obsessed with a good cup of coffee, it felt like a dream come true drinking something that taste very similar to coffee in bed before going to bed. For real – LIFE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

The next day went even better. I only made it to a half full cup before passing out. I probably also have to state here that I was pretty hooked on sleeping pills a couple of years back. And I remember the feeling when their effect kicked in and I must say it’s pretty similar to my experience with the reishi elixir. (PLEASE if you read this, never start taking sleeping pills in the first place. It’s a pretty bad for you.) At least if I had known back then that you could have the same effect talking medicinal mushrooms without having health-threatening side-effects I would have never picked up that sleeping pill container in the first place. So far, so good! I will keep you posted on my experience either on instagram  or my blog . For now though I’m pretty positive that I will keep taking this amazing goodness.

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When you know me, you know I’m a big self-care advocate. That’s the reason why I love to pair my reishi elixir in the evening with a slice of vegan, gf, guilt-free chocolate cheesecake. Treating yourself is important, even more so in this cold & dark season. When it’s winter time I naturally make my way to the pantry at night to get myself a little treat/ heart-warmer which, however, is not so good for my overall health and thus my sugar level, as I feel like most processed treats have a lot of hidden sugars in them. So I thought I would just up my baking game for this season making my own treats so I know exactly what I put in there.

The recipe inspo is from the lovely @xeniannie give her a follow on instagram! She’s amazing.