Self-Worth vs Ego on Instagram


Now I’m not a very like-based person I’m mostly here for fun and the connection but I still wanted to take some time to talk about this today. I get tons of likes posting a yoga pose but whenever I post a recipe my reach goes down drastically. As I am coming from the field of Online Marketing I completely understand. And I used to constantly delete pictures of my feed that didn’t make the cut & felt shitty about whenever I didn’t get “enough likes“ but ever since falling sick the second time I don’t care so much anymore. I understand that I would grow much faster if I would only stick to one theme on here. I tried that but I’m not feeling it, which doesn’t mean I think it’s bad - not at all - if that’s your jam, go for it. I am passionate about yoga but i’m also passionate about wellness, traveling and food. This is just me. And I want to share more of it, of me on here.

Those who know me, know that I’ve been doing Lacy Philips‘ @freeandnative work a lot over the year. Her work revolves A LOT around self-worth & staying in or getting back to your authentic truth. Earlier this year I thought external validation or likes would increase my self-worth BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong. Think about it... Do, for instance, 1M likes directly make you a better-uber-person? Would it really increase your self-worth or would it just feed your ego. See, self-worth and ego are two different things. Self-worth stems from inner contentment, being in peace with yourself, while ego is this uncomfortable feeling that nothing will ever be enough, or that late night call at 2 am you know you shouldn’t answer but do it anyway. (Please don’t answer it!)

Of course, getting tons of likes is nice. It makes me happy, too, don’t get me wrong. And I still love if you give me a ❤️ especially for my mom’s sake because she takes most of my yoga pictures & she gets sorta upset if they don’t make the cut. But at the end of the day the amount of likes I get has nothing to do with how I feel about myself. Think about it! - Do you put yourself down if you haven’t received “enough likes“? Do less likes make you less deserving? What does your soul really need to feel better about yourself?

Lastly I am trying my best to create real content for real-life people. I love writing which is a gift I would like to share with you. And I’m incredibly thankful for this platform , FOR YOU(!) for holding space. In January I did set this intention to have 4K by the end of the year but I also set the intention to not just be known for my tight 🍑 in yoga pants but for the real me because I’m so much more than that. Pooh if you got this far,  I LOVE YOU. THANKS FOR HOLDING SPACE. YOU‘RE A TRUE GEM💎