London 2018


Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days in London with my friend Louise. This might not be something special to you but I have been looking forward to a trip like this for a very long time. As I was sick a lot the last two years I couldn’t travel as much anymore. Now I’m doing much better than the last 6 years all together so I set the intention that I want to travel more again (FOR FUN) in the near future.  


Flying in by night was amazing. All the lights looked like golden fairy dust.

Louise & I flew in separately and met in the hotel where we stayed up quite late to catch up. The next day we went to a yoga workshop and talk by the fabulous Jessica Olie. All the insta yogis know her for sure. She’s a legend and I was so honored having met her in person.


After the talk we went and took some pictures of the tower bridge at night. Since Louise and I had been to London many times before we did not bother to do any touristy stuff at all (or other than taking a pic of the tower bridge). 


The next day we basically just strolled in Notting Hill. 


There we had a carrot and ginger juice as an appetizer before lunch at Joe & The Juice.


... and later we had lunch at Farmacy. Look at this amazing vegan/ gluten-free dessert though 😍 I will need to come back soon again and if it’s only for eating this dessert.  


Below I’ve linked some other restaurants in London that have vegan/ gf options. I personally haven’t been to all of them yet because there just wasn’t enough time but they have really good reviews. You see, I need to go back soon. Maybe in spring... we’ll see! If you have any tips, please share them with me in the comments :) I’m always open to trying out new places! 

1.) Milk Beach  

2.) Wulf and Lamb 

3.) Bluebelles of Portobello 

4.) Mildreds  

5.) Farmacy  

6.) Joe & The Juice