27 Fun Facts about Caroline


As I’m turning 27 pretty soon here are 27 random fun facts about me: 

1: My parents claim that I was made in France but born in Germany. 

2: My zodiac sign is an aquarius & thus I love being in the water or at the beach listening to the soothing sound of the waves crashing on shore.  

3: Being at the beach somewhere in the tropics is where I belong. But whenever I am not, I listen to sound of waves on my phone during meditation. It calms me down like nothing else.  

4: My favorite animals are horses and dolphins (they’re also meant to be my spirit animal).  

5: I look much younger than I actually am so might be shocked hearing that I’m this old! Honestly though I’m OK with my age and can’t wait to finally turn 27.  

6: I used to be addicted to coffee but got off  cold turkey last year in September.  

7: I’ve loved tea all my life. I used to sip unsweatend fennel all day everyday when I was a baby. It helped my tummy bc I was born too early and my organs weren’t all developed yet. Now my favorite tea is camomile (nothing too fancy here). 

8: I was only in love once before and he broke my heart.  

9: I currently live in Germany.  

10: My favorite color is and has always been blue or teal to be precise because it reminds me of the ocean.  

11: I like to bake & cook but I hate cleaning up.  

12: I’m a sucker for healthy food & sushi (fried sushi to be precise is my fav) 

13: I love to read actual books (no ebooks). The smell of a new book is just incredible.

14: I’m a sucker for all things wellness and self-care. I constantly look for new ways to invest in my health and well-being.  



15: I used to be an accountant for 3 years.

16: I’m also a certified translator.  

17: Currently I’m an undergrad majoring in online marketing.  

18: I’m also a yoga teacher & this is really what sets my soul of fire. 

19: I do yoga everyday.  

20: I used to be afraid of inversions but now I’m not anymore.  

21: I have dark brown eyes, light brown hair and am 1,7 m  (5’7”) tall. 

22: I have two pets. They are rabbits and live on my balcony. They’re called Creamy and Ashley. I’ve shared them with someone before but now I have full custody.  

23: By now I wish I was younger so I wouldn’t have to come up with so many facts about me.  

24: I’m an introverted extrovert. I like being in public and interact with people but I NEED to have some me-time to charge my batteries. My brother is the total opposite. Whereas me, I don’t mind spending a day or two all by myself meditating, journaling, reading and all that good stuff... I’ve always been that way. But for some people that’s hard to understand. 

25: I had a complete meltdown when I turned 25 thinking I thought I hadn’t done anything meaningful with my life yet. But I’ve calmed down in this department A lot.

26: I’ve had every color imaginable under the moon in my hair before. One week they were orange, then green, grey, white, red, black and blue until they fell out. Now I’m having my natural hair color with some highlights in.  

27: I am beyond happy having come this far in my life. I enjoy sharing all of these things so much with you and I hope in the end of the day it inspires you too to be happy and to pursue your dreams. I’m so grateful I’ve found my dream job teaching yoga and having this online platform. And I hope there’s plenty more to come in the future. 

Lots of Love  

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