10 steps to reconnect


It's Christmas time again! Can you believe it? On one side we are all supposed to act all joyful and happy about it but on the other side it just doesn't really seem right. The last couple of weeks I felt stuck like something important was just missing. I even changed up my yoga routine. I still do yoga every day but I wasn't really doing many full body vinyasa flows. I was just flowing intuitively and mainly ended up doing tons of arm balances & inversions to strengthen my core and thus balance my solar plexus to gain more self-confidence since I hadn’t really felt confident about myself lately. When I’m in this state I cannot connect to anything. Even the things that usually are fun to me only feel like whatever... I then tend to be grumpy a lot and hurt people with my words without realizing I really do. I know that when this happens it’s been a little too much of something so I made this list how to reconnect with yourself aka how to get your shit together 👽

1. Take a hot bath    🛀 

Taking a hot bath always does the trick for me. It helps me so much to calm down and feeling warm and held again. Even more so in winter. I usually light candles, make myself some tea and put some music on. In the water I usually put in some coconut oil and some honey which makes my skin feel so soft right after. That's the best me-time ever for me. 

2. Take some time off  

If you can take some time off or leave work early. If you feel like the whole is tearing you down it won't get better by only pushing and pushing yourself. Give yourself some credit. Be good to your body and yourself first before you serve the rest of the world.

3. Sleep lots (also naps)  

I'd been feeling really sleepy the last week. So I allowed myself to go to bed earlier and to sleep in a bit. If your body needs it just go for it. It has nothing to with being lazy or too weak. 

4. Lots of tea, loads of water  

Stay hydrated! ALWAYS! It's even more important with all this dry air inside these days. Plus our bodies can't work without water. 

5. Allow yourself to cry if you need to  

If you feel like crying, cry! Don't judge yourself. It's OK. As I said before it seems like in the Holiday season we are all supposed to be joyful and happy. But if you don't feel it yet. That's OK!

6. Journal to track your thoughts and to write down what you are grateful for  

Most of the time when I feel shitty I notice the thoughts about myself are pretty shitty, too. Getting back to thinking positive thoughts might seem undoable. But it is. Just track your thoughts 3x during the day for one week. Just list them in your notes app on your phone as they come. Review them again at the end of each day and see how they are slowly shifting towards the positive again over the week. According to yoga philosophy karma already starts in your thoughts. As your thoughts become your words, words become your actions, actions become your habits, habits become your character and your character becomes your destiny.

What is also very helpful when you feel like the the sky is falling down on you and nothings seems to be working out. Write down in your journal every night before going to bed at least 5 things you were grateful for during the day. This will also help to shift your attention towards the positive. You already know it's all about the little things. 

7. Meditate to calm your mind  

As I always say: DON'T HATE, MEDITATE. Meditation helps you to calm your mind. In our society we are trained to react and focus on the outside world rather than looking within ourselves. It doesn't have to be a cross legged seated meditation for 20 minutes facing the east. It could also be a walking meditation to recharge and come back to the things that are really important to you. For instance what is the first thing you do when your computer quits working? Right, you turn it off. Most of the time this really does the trick and it will work just perfectly again when you turn it on again. So why not "turning yourself off" for a couple of minutes a day?

8. Take a yin yoga class 🧘🏽‍♀️  

For me you know already I do A TON of vinyasa and really sweaty yoga classes. To balance my vinyasa out I do need to attend a yin class every now and then myself. Yin is more focusing on a deep stretch and is more gentle. 

9. Don’t text people for pity  

No pity talk has ever helped anyone. Texting people to tell them how awful you are feeling right now will neither help yourself nor your friends. Rather than focusing on the things that are actually right in your life you would choose to talk about how shitty you feel some more. Doing so you would actually invite the negative thoughts into your life. Let's be honest here, has a pity talk - where you tell your loved ones how awful you feel, how bad of a person you are, how shitty your life is - really helped you in any way? Right, the answer to that is NO: It actually only keeps getting worse. You would make yourself be the victim. And even worse than that if you keep doing that for a while you will unfortunately scare your loved ones away because they won't be able to handle your "the world is a bad place" shit talk anymore. You will loose them. Trust me! I've been there myself. It ain't pretty. You don't want that. So think twice before texting. Get your shit together first and THEN face the rest of the world with a smile :) Because the world is actually a GOOD place!

10. Get the f* away from this perfect social media world  

We all know it very well by now! People only share their best moments on social media/ instagram. There's a slight shift happening right now that people are starting to share more authentic but the majority of posts still show a fake perfect reality. When you already feel like shit and not being enough it will only tear you down some more seeing those "perfect people" on instagram with their supposedly "perfect lives". I'm sure these people have bad days, too. And I'm in no way accusing them for only sharing their best moments of their lives. At least they are thus focusing on the positive things and so should you (not as in posting a picture of a fake smile of course but maybe of something or someone you've been grateful for today). 

Above all though, just be patient with yourself. If you are really down you most likely won't feel all cheerful and happy immediately the next day. And that's OK, too. Just give yourself some time here. Don't be too hard on yourself. As there is summer and winter there are also mood swings within ourselves. This is only human. People that really care about you will understand.

I been myself more or less sticking to this list this last week and I can really say that I’m feeling way better about myself again now. Try for yourself, see the difference & tell me how it went. Just comment below or email me at info@carolineblakeyoga.com

Lots of Love