Manifesting a Headstand


You know what they say, “Fall 7 times, stand up 8“ only think it’s been more like 70 times for me. Not trying to make fun of myself though, just saying that everything in life just takes its time. Some might learn faster how to do a headstand, some don’t. I’m more of the naturally bendy person, you name it I’ll do it. But inversions they’re another story. It took me forever to come even close. Maybe because they stretched the fascia in my lower stomach when I had the c-section earlier this year or maybe I was just lacking of self-confidence being too afraid to fall, or maybe a mix of both? I def was terrified to headstand (also called head stands my nemesis pose).


Whenever we had to practice it during my teacher training I internally was just like “fuuuuuck“ it got me so stressed out I fell... I just could NOT NEVER picture myself going upside down on my head. Due to believing I would fall before even trying I fell. I was so convinced I couldn’t do it. Right now I started to get more into manifestation and realized I was manifesting me to fall. Take skiing ⛷ professionals for instance they picture their race in their head before they actually do it. They first make themselves in their mind believe they can do it and so they can (of course some might have a stronger believe in themselves than others). So I started picturing myself to headstand in my mind during the day. And I tell you what, it was harder than I thought. Even in my imagination I fell every single time at first. But I went on. I even watched videos of other people head standing to get their technique. After only a couple of weeks I am already so much more stable in this position. Not saying I don’t fall anymore from time to time (everybody does) but I’m not afraid of falling anymore. I’ve overcome my fear. And everyone can. You “only“ need to start believing in yourself. This goes for everything! I might not work the first time, the second, third and so on (for me at least it’s been a 2 digit number)  but eventually you’ll get there. I promise you the universe always has your back! 

In a nutshell, sometimes our minds show us false limitations. It is up to us if we want to believe in these and never come out of our comfort zone or if we want to prove those thoughts wrong. ALSO: Thank James for putting up with my head stand issues ;) & Thank you Rachel for getting me more into manifestation 💜 Thank you for my yoga girls for always believing in me  ❤️ 

What is your personal nemesis pose? How could you start including it into your practice to eventually nail it? Comment below or email me at

Lots of LOVE