108 Gratitudes for Thanksgiving


HAPPY BIRD-DAY EVERYONE! For me, Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to show gratitude.

When Thanksgiving Day is over, gratitude however is often left on the Thanksgiving table.

In order to avoid this "wasted opportunity" and reap the health benefits of gratitude, I would like to share these tips for making gratitude part of your every day life:

1. Make a list of what you typically take for granted. Then think about these “as granted” rather than “for granted.”

2. Consider what your life would be like without this person/event/circumstance. In other words, if this had never happened or came along.

3. Give something away. When we are givers, we reflect more clearly on what it is like to be a receiver. Also, we are grateful for the opportunity to give, knowing that giving brings happiness to self and others.

4. Identify non-grateful thoughts: For example, thinking you deserve better circumstances, that other people are better off; that life is boring, that, or the other; That life is monotonous, tedious; That things have not turned out the way you wanted.

5. Find someone behind the scenes at your workplace or neighborhood and thank them. Speak words of gratitude to them. Takes two minutes. You will both benefit.

I personally count my blessings everyday and write them down before going to bed. And on Sundays (and today) I am attempting to think of 108 graditudes and make a list.

I want to share the first ones that come to my mind on here:

Health, yoga, meditation, the ocean, love, life, my friends, my body, travels, my pets, sage, candles, tea, yummy food, yoga pants, music -> spotify, growth, the ability to change for the better, myself, kisses, hugs, abundance, my comfy bed, my yoga mat, my website, the internet, my phone, my grandma, my grandma’s pizza...

And above all being able to share my thoughts on here with you. I am beyond grateful for YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Feel free to email me your list of gratitudes or comment below!

Lots of Love & HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your entire family! 

XoXo Caroline