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Hello Beautiful People! Let me just have a brief moment to express my appreciation for y'all! I want to thank everyone for all of the kind words and messages on my website.  I appreciate it so so much and in fact really wasn’t expecting it at all. Since some have been asking the same questions, I figured some of you who haven’t had time to send me a message might have the same questions for me. So I created a Q&A blog post to fill all the blank spaces. Note that the listing below is not a matter of preference but just the order of the questions coming to my mind.

‚I see a lot of yoga poses, but do you also meditate?’            ‚Can you actually meditate?’

I’ve actually been meditating on and off for 4 years now. I haven’t started meditating regularly until the beginning of this year. I meditate first thing in the morning for 20 minutes  & last thing before I go to bed. Back then in 2014 I started doing guided meditations from youtube to quiet the mind and to get rid of outside noises. Now I personally do not mind to meditate in silence but I prefer having my headphones on listening to the sound of the Ocean waves on ‚simple habit app (there’s also nice guided meditation FOR FREE). As a matter of fact I AM able to meditate just as good as everybody else is. Meditating isn’t as hard as some think it is. It doesn’t even have to be a cross leg seated meditation with the eyes closed, facing the east at dawn. It could also be a quiet walking meditation in the woods. Just get creative! Personally me, I haven’t seen the real benefits of meditating until I started practicing it regularly. It helps me so much coping with my daily obstacles. It also keeps my mind calm, in fact it makes me be calm and able to react in a calm way in harmful situations.

Are you really 27?’

I know I get told that a lot that I look at least 10 years younger. Actually I am 26 though, turning 27 on Feb. 15th next year. My goal was though to launch my website at the beginning of next year. But then everything went to fast and I got real inspired to just keep going so I decided to launch it right now (which is also kind of a meaningful date to me). I just forgot to change my age. Isn’t it ironic, some lie about their age making themselves younger and I do it the other way round? ;) As yogi I always tell the truth so I will have to change that up soon. SORRY, my bad!

‚Are you a real yoga teacher?’

DUH! I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and did my teacher training with Rachel Hanberry at Yoga Beach House. Look it up…

‚Where do you teach?’

I am officially starting to teach in January. If anyone would like me to start earlier and has any free space to offer or any idea for a space I could use message me. I would be keen on starting this year if possible. The exact address for the places I will start teaching at in January will be announced soon. I will offer classes in English as well as German.

When did you start planning on doing this?’

Actually I’ve never planned or intended to do ‚it’. I just did it. I always act out of a gut feeling. It felt right, so I kind of just started putting the pieces together. I might seem like a coincidence to some I ‚ended’ up on this path but I think and know that I was always meant to be doing this in the first place. Yoga gives my life a purpose and without yoga I would never be in life where I am now, neither physically nor mentally. I’ve been doing yoga (as i, not only talking about asanas but also about food, meditation,...etc.) for quite a while now but never publicly showed it to the outside because in the first place I do yoga for myself and not for anybody else to impress and I didn’t want to be looked at as if I am sort of woowoo. But as I went on with my personal practice I gained more and more self-confidence so that I am now finally being able to show people the real me. Since I am so much more than just a girl in a bikini with a big smile on the face somewhere in the tropics (how my instagram used to look like). Unfortunately I guess this might be the content some might prefer which is actually kind of sad if you think about it more. But that’s a whole other story.

‚How did you do all of this?’

I haven’t had any support on this until very recently – maybe I also needed it this way to see that even if nobody around me believes in me I can still believe in myself and that’s more than enough. I spent every last cent I had from my savings account on a yoga teacher training and a flight to Bordeaux. I did the website all by myself in my ‘free time’ while writing my thesis for uni. Three months ago I did not think all of this would have been possible. But as I have learned in yoga philosophy, nothing is really impossible. It is only our mind that shows us wrong/ fake limitations.

So dream big everyone!

Dream as big as you can! XoXo Caroline

The pictures are all taken after me teaching a sweaty vinyasa flow class still laying on my favorite   Manduka   mat.

The pictures are all taken after me teaching a sweaty vinyasa flow class still laying on my favorite Manduka mat.