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No! I'm not pregnant in the left picture, this is endometriosis, I've actually been struggling with since I was a teenager. It got worse and worse and had me gotten quite a few impacts on my health as well as relationships. Throughout the years doctors (even former bosses and people close to me) had always told me everything was fine with me and I was only making things up to get the extra attention (NO KIDDING!), like I was only overeating from time to time and that's why my stomach would swell this much. After all this pain, struggling with misunderstanding some doctor actually saw that I had a huge endometriosis cyst in my left ovary. they had to remove the cyst as well as the ovary right away in April. The surgery went great, nothing unexpected occurred & I am still beyond grateful for all the support from my friends, especially for one across the big pond I don't want to call out by name on here. Right after the surgery they put me on a sort of birth control pill that puts you right into menopause (I'm 26 btw). Even though I didn't have any lower stomach pain during that time, it didn't go so well for me. I had terrible mood swings, crazy rashes on my lower back, migraines & from time to time I couldn't feel my left arm or move the ringfinger of my left hand. For now I only take some natural supplements & an ibuprofen if the pain gets too much to bare. Special yoga poses help too! Those pictures above were taken two days apart last week. You have to understand that even after having surgery and removing an ovary, pain can still occur, there's no cure for endometriosis yet. BUT you can ease the symptoms when closely listening to your body. I didn't post this bc I want pity. Other than that I am super fine. Endometriosis is not a joke. endometriosis is not an STD!!!!! It is neither gross, nor contagious!! Nobody should feel ashamed of having it. As a matter of fact many many women out there have it don't even know bc doctors do not take them serious. I feel like endometriosis is still sort of a taboo subject and yet so many women silently suffer from it. It shouldn't be this way.